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Welcome to the Ley Community

We are a therapeutic community recovery model, peer driven, abstinence and self help in an enabling and supportive environment where residents and staff work together, confronting the problems caused by alcohol and drug dependence.

Main therapeutic intervention is 26 weeks

Resettlement -12 weeks. Voluntary work placement and then you find full-time employment
Aftercare – once you move out into independent living we provide intensive support for your first 90 days and then you are part of our TLC Recovery Community.

Our recovery programme is tough and challenging but the rewards are freedom from addiction. For men and women from detox to aftercare.

We offer support families and have facilities to accommodate overnight and weekend visits.

Residents who complete our recovery programme have an opportunity to make a fresh start in life – from therapy into full time employment and independent living, with aftercare and support for as long as it is needed and you become part of our TLC Recovery Community in and around Oxfordshire and beyond.

We break the cycle of addiction, welfare dependency and offending.

We are based at a beautiful 5-acre site just outside Oxford, and we can offer support to people from anywhere in the UK and from abroad.



Ley Life: Family

We know that building up a relationship with your family can be complex after years of addiction but we will


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